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The goal of this site is to teach you to be handy. Various projects will be posted here for you to review. Each project will have pictures explaining each step involved to help you understand how to THINK HANDY. Browse through them as if you were going to tackle the project yourself. Even if some steps seem past your ability, just try to understand why they were done and over time, you will find yourself able to perform more than you thought you could. Good luck!

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CNE was a great show!
Thanks to everyone who made it out for coming out, your one step closer to being handy.

Check the "upcoming shows" section or "calendar" section on the new site for any added shows.

The new CANADASHANDYMAN.COM web site is near complete the blog and calendar have been prepared, here is a sneak peek.

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Finally Congratulations to all those who WON A FREE POWER DRILL from the show at the CNE, your one step closer to being handy.

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